Best numbers to bet on Roulette

Most gamers who play roulette tend to wager on either red or black, odd or even. Why? Because without a proper knowledge of how roulette bets work and about probability, they can only muster than in roulette, they have a 50-50 chance of success with one of the those bets. But in actuality, they would be wrong. They actually already have a less than 50% success rate for those bets, which is because of zero, or double zero in American Roulette. Before we go any further, here are the best live dealer casino sites for USA players. So, it’s time to have a little re-think then…

bet roulette

Not likely, but what an earner!

The most unlikely bet in roulette is obviously the single number bet. Although it will pay out an absolutely gigantic sum of money if you land, you should be aware that the chances of you doing this are also so slim, they are laughable. Many people make this bet if they are feeling lucky, and although it is great financially, let’s be realistic! It probably isn’t going to happen for you, so it can hardly be considered one of the best roulette bets; in fact, it could very well be the worst bet in o AU, UK, or US, old or new casinos online you can make short of putting it all on the slots.

Get your game right, go European or go play at home

The two most common roulette games on the market are American Roulette and European Roulette. It’s all very well making the best bets in roulette, but it would help if you twisted things to your advantage first. American Roulette has two zeros marked on its reel, which the player will win nothing in if the balls lands there. The European Roulette version though, only has one. This gives the player a slightly better edge in European Roulette than American Roulette. The first phase of a successful bet is to play the probability laws. Go for European Roulette, you’ve got a marginally better chance of winning.

Go for even money wagers

The best way of surviving in roulette, is to actually make your own money last longer. That way you are in the game longer, and stand a better chance of being there when you big win comes through. So, in order to make your money last, play even money bets. Yes, these do include the aforementioned red/black, odds and evens, but they also include grouped numbers. This has about the same odds as an average blackjack player would see.

Groups of numbers pay better than singles

Groups of numbers tend to pay more than evens. Low bets (1-18), High bets (19-36) are two types of grouped numbers that you can for. You’ve got about a 47% chance of pulling them off, so that’s not bad at all. Other types of grouped bets include corners, streets, dozen bets, and column bets. All of these bets are visible on the roulette betting board, and you can see that they are all aligned in some way shape or form. This technically means you are wagering on anything from 2-6 numbers at any one time, all with a single stake. True, it won’t bring you the 35-1 pay-out you’re hoping for, but you are more likely to win, and with pay-outs of anything from 2-1 up to 11-1 no less.

Conclusion, time to test your luck

Play online or learn more about mobile gaming, but keep in mind that very few sites will allow a bonus to be used to play roulette as they are usually only able to be redeem for the slots. It doesn’t have to end here. If you have another wager on the table you would like to talk about leave a comment, or shout out at us at these social networks so we can see who is doing what else has been working for other gamblers.

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