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Craps Place Betting

If you are just learning to play craps you may not quite understand Craps Place Bets. Place bets are available for the numbers in front of the two inside dealers: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. You must ask the dealer to make them for you by saying for instance, "place the six for six-dollars." The dealer will verbally repeat the bet and once they say you have a bet, your money is in action. The dealer will put your bet into the numbered box strategically so they know which bet is yours.

Unlike horn and proposition bets that are only good for the next roll, a place bet will stay where it is for as long as the current shooter is in action. Once they seven-out your place bet will lose. Because most players also bet on the pass line and root for seven on the come-out roll (the first roll to establish a new point), your place bet will be "off" on the come-out. This means there is no action on your bet. If you want it to "work" on the come-out roll you have to tell the dealer well before the dice total.

Place Bets and Payoffs
  • Place the 4 and 10 for $5 to win $9
  • Place the 5 and 10 for $5 to win $7
  • Place the 6 and 8 for $6 to win $7

Place bets can be made in multiples of the above amounts. If the crap game you are on has a $5 minimum bet, you can probably make your place bets for as little as $5. If the minimum bet is $25, your lowest place bet is probably $25. Ask your happy craps dealer for clarification if you need to.

Once you have asked for a place bet, every time your number rolls you will be paid. When you want to bet a little more, say "press" and the dealer will increase your bet. If you have $5 on the number five and it rolls, you say "press the five" and the dealer will automatically make your bet $10 and give you $2 back.

Now if the number five rolls again you will be paid $14. If it rolls and you toss the dealer a dollar, he will give you three $5 chips. If you want to press "all the way" or do a "power press, " you toss in the buck and your bet will go to $25. Then when it rolls again you are paid $35!

Place Bet House Odds
  • Placing the 6 or 8 - house edge is1.52 percent
  • Placing the 5 or 9 - house edge is 4 percent
  • Placing the 4 or 10 - house edge is 6.67 percent

When you hear a player say, "twenty-seven across, " they are asking for a place bet on the numbers other than the point (which they already have a bet on if they played the pass line. $27 covers five bets, the 6 and 8 at $6 each and $5 on the remaining three numbers that is not the point. If they say, "Twenty-six across, " then you know one of the numbers is either the six or the eight and the place bets include the 4, 5, 9, 10 and the final 6 or 8 that is not the point.

Inside Numbers and Outside Numbers

When a player says, "twenty-two inside, " they are not betting on the four or ten. This bet would be $6 on the 6 and 8 and $5 on the 5 and 9.

If they say, "Twenty dollars outside, " they are not betting on the 6 or 8 but are betting $5 on each of the other numbers, 4, 5, 9 and 10.

You can take your place bets down at any time, or, you can tell the dealer you want your place bets "off" and they will stay out of action until you say you want them working again. To accomplish this the dealer may turn the puck over so it reads off, or if there are multiple players with place bets they will put a small lammer on your bets that says "off." For the most part, dealers hate this.

Buy Bets

Unlike roulette or blackjack, the more you bet at craps, the better deal you can get! If you place the 4 or 10 for $5 you are paid $9 when it rolls. A $50 bet returns $90. However, you can ask for a "Buy Bet" and pay a flat $5 commission and get paid 2-1 instead of 9-5. Once you have a place bet of $20 on the 4 or 10, you might as well do a buy bet. Instead of getting $36 your will be paid $40 and pay a 5 percent commission on the $20 bet of $1. If you take a buy bet for $100, you pay $5 - 5 percent commission.

Some casinos make you pay the commission when you place the bet, which give the house a 4.8% edge on any buy bet. However, many casinos charge the commission only when the bet wins. Ask your friendly dealer and find out! If this is the case, the house edge is quite small: 1.6 percent on the 4 and 10 - 1.9 percent on the 5 and 9 - 2.2 percent on the 6 and 8. Like place bets, your buy bets are "off" on the come-out roll unless you specify otherwise.

Lay Bets
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