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Nowadays, roulette is one of the most played table games, but the story goes back to the 18th century in France, when the first roulette was created, in 1796, in Paris. Since then, the game has managed to conquer the whole world, because each roulette variation is a flexible game of chance, which means that it can be played by anyone.

Online Roulette Variations

There are many online roulette variations that fit into the following five roulette categories:
European roulette;
American roulette;
French roulette;
Multi-ball roulette;
Spingo (a super-fun combination of bingo, lotto and roulette).

Wild Jackpots online casino provides a wide range of roulette games, so you can play roulette online by choosing one of the following: European Roulette, American Roulette, Premier Roulette, Premier Roulette Diamond, French Roulette, Wheel of Riches, Three Wheeler, Spingo, Multi-Player Roulette and European Roulette Gold.

How to play online roulette?

It’s pretty obvious that even a game a chance has its own rules, so let’s find out how you can play roulette online.

A ball will be thrown on a spinning wheel and the main rule is to place a bet on a number or on a color where you think the ball will land. Most of the wheels have 36 numbers and a 0. However, there are some variations that contain a 00 (American roulette) or none (European roulette).

Types of bets in online roulette

Playing online roulette can be quite easy, given that you have a wide range of pre-established bets, as following:

Outside bets:
- Even or odd bets;
- High or Low bets;
- Color bets (red or black);
- Column bets or betting on 13 numbers;
- Dozen betting (2nd number, 9th number, etc.).

Inside bets:
- Straight up – it’s the standard betting method and allows you to place your bet on just one number;
- Split Betting – follows the same principle as the previous method, with a minor distinction: you are able to bet on two numbers;
- Street Betting – this strategy applies when you’re betting on three numbers. You can choose to bet on three different numbers or to place a chip at the end of a 3-numbers row.
- Corner Betting – betting on four numbers by placing the chip at the intersection of all 4 numbers.
- Six line betting – when you chose to bet on six numbers by placing your chip at the edge of the two rows of 3 numbers.

As you can see, we feature over 10 versions of online roulette games, one more entertaining than the other! The over 200-years-old game has not lost any of its original charm, whether we’re discussing American, European, Premier or Gold Series Roulette!

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