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Video Roulette is an online version of European Roulette. Numbered slots are arranged around a wheel. A ball is spun around the outside of the rim and will fall into one of the slots. The likelihood of the ball falling into any one slot is equal. The aim of the game is to correctly predict where the ball will land . The payouts are described below and payment is made for any bets where the ball lands on a number covered by your bets.

La Partage

If the result is zero, half your stake on even money bets will be returned to your account. This rule reduces the house edge and acts in your favour.

Playing the game.

  • It is recommended that first time players choose the 'play for fun' option, which allows you to practice using virtual funds. You can 'play for real' using funds from your own account. Any 'play for real' winnings will be credited to your account.
  • Selecting chips - Select chips by clicking them. The currently selected chip is highlighted.
  • Placing chips - Clicking on an area of the table places a chip of the value chosen. If chips are already placed in that position, your chip will be added to the stack and increase your stake for that bet.
  • Descriptions of the standard types offered in Video Roulette are detailed below.
  • You may not place chips which exceed the maximum for that bet or your available funds.
  • Removing chips - Clicking to 'remove bets' allows you to remove all the chips from any one bet. Clicking to 'remove all' removes all chips from the table.
  • Repeat betting - Clicking to repeat places chips of the same value on the same bets as the previous spin. Any other bets will be removed.
  • Double - Clicking to double allows you to double the value of stakes currently placed on the table. Doubling bets is restricted by individual bet limits, table limits and funds currently available.
  • Once you have made your bet selection, click to spin.
  • When ball has come to rest and the result has been shown, any winnings will be declared and added to your account. La Partage is declared if applicable.
  • All chips for losing bets are removed from the table. Chips for winning bets are left on the table as in a casino – you may remove them before the next spin.
  • You may place bets for the next spin once the dolly has been removed from the table.

Maximum Win Limit

The maximum possible win from a single betting round in the game is USD 500 000. A betting round is initiated by a paid spin, and can lead either to a single win or to a series of wins by triggering additional paying features like Bonus and/or Free Games. Should the resulting total win become greater than USD 500 000, the excess amount will be ignored and the player will receive exactly USD 500 000.

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