Casino Craps simulation

Do you love to roll the dice? Craps Master is the latest and greatest in touch gambling.
A beautifully designed, fully 3d craps game that recreates all the fun and excitement of sitting at a real Craps table. Craps Master uses true physics on the dice rolls so there are no random number generators to skew the accuracy or authenticity of your game play.

Game features include:

Play for fun in practice mode or play for status in ranked mode. See how you stack up with players around the world.

A simple interface that allows you drag and drop your chips to place your bets.

Beautiful camera animations that make you feel like you are part of the action.

4 different ways to shoot the dice: shoot automatically, aim, shake or shake & aim.

Choose your table limits.

Real-time stats to help you formulate your betting strategy.

Our exclusive MULLIGAN! did you have a bad roll? use a mulligan and it's like that roll never happened!

Download and play today!

Good but some flaws
by Mediocrely329

This is a decent simulator for learning how to bet at this game, but there are a couple of things that should be addressed in future updates. The biggest problem that I have is that some bets, like hard ways, are taken down after hitting it the first time. In an actual casino the bet stays up until you hit the soft roll of the given numbers. So if I rolled hard eight, the bet should stay on the table until I hit a soft eight. I should not have to keep putting a bet on it if I win the first time. Second, is that I don't seem to be able to place an odds wager on my come bets. This is my main strategy when in an actual casino so I would like to see that updated. Lastly, I agree with an earlier post that this is not a true random number generator or algorithm. I have lost so many come bets because I have literally rolled 3 about four times in a row which is highly improbable in real life. Anyway, small complaints that can be easily fixed if the creators are trying to achieve a realistic craps experience

Great for betting strategies
by Morning crap
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