Best Blackjack Moves

Blackjack Moves

Blackjack is a game that developed from a French card game sometime during the 1700s. As you would see, the game has been around for centuries. So what's keeping it alive? Many people are drawn to the game because of its characteristic mix of chance and skill. Plus, those who are not into banking on pure chance but are up to the challenge of beating the house with adept probability skills add to the multitude of blackjack players.

21 Is What to Keep in Mind

The main goal here is to end up with a higher hand value than the dealer's hand without going over 21. This is actually why blackjack is sometimes called 21. What is even better is that if you make exactly 21 before the dealer does after some hits you made, you win the round. If your first two cards total this magic number, then that's blackjack and you automatically win. With that number in mind, you will have to play around the options of hitting, standing, doubling, surrendering, plus other moves depending on the house rules. Some houses don't give you the option to surrender. Unless you plan to count cards, here are some basic strategic rules you can familiarize with to get some advantage. But always remember, no matter how good you are, the larger element involved in the game of Blackjack is still luck.

Basic Options for Your Hand

Before you look into applying some strategy into your moves, you have to understand each of the different moves you can take throughout the game. This means that you can make several different moves to complete your hand. These moves can be made right after the first set of cards has been dealt. Here are the basic ones:

  • Hit. When you make a hit, it means you want to take another card to add to your hand.
  • Stand. A stand means you're not taking any more cards and you will let whatever value there is in your hand stand.
  • Double Down or simply Double. When you do a Double, you have to increase your bet by 100 percent and get a chance to be dealt with one more card to add to your hand. To indicate that you're making a double, place the stack of chips (your additional bet) next to the existing bet.
  • Surrender: A surrender means you get back half of your entire bet and give up your hand.
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