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The city of Las Vegas is known worldwide for being the place to play slots. Yet with so many slots to play in the city, it is important to know how to find good slots machines that you will enjoy playing.

Many people opt to choose the slot machines located at popular Las Vegas casinos that are known for having loose slots and big jackpots. Popular blogs list such casinos as the Stratosphere, Casino Royale, The Mirage and the Golden Nugget. The following list will give you an idea of what different casinos offer.

Many people who visit Las Vegas choose to play at the Stratosphere which offers a wide range of slots and VP machines. The casino offers odds of a 100% return on VP machines and a popular rewards program.

The Casino Royale is also well known. It was made famous for slots players by the Travel Channel’s #1 place to "strike it rich" list. The casino offers an array of machines for players. The slot club rate is twenty five percent. The casino also offer promotions of double and triple points.

The Golden Nugget offers some of the highest numbers of slots, more than thirteen hundred slots machines to be played.

Once you have decided on your location to play, take a minute to decide which machine to play. Some researchers suggest that areas where players will stay for short periods of time are good places to win. These can include slots that are one row from popular aisles, and slots near food areas. Researchers reason that these are areas players will frequent for only short periods, allowing slots jackpots to build up over time.

Specialists also suggest that machines that hold the big jackpots will be located in areas where many players can see the win. Quiet areas in the corner of the room, or machines near table games, are not where the casino wants it players.

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